Stephan's Sonex #1627 Builder's Log

116.40 hours
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Log #DateDescription Workshop EAA Workbenches Time
0014 2013/04/06

I built two EAA work benches according to the official plans (click here for a copy). I made one bench 8 feet long and the other the standard 5 feet. The 8 feet bench has extra re-inforcements to ensure that the table surface doesn't bow and remain completely level. I also added the adjustable feet, as my concrete floor is on an incline. I used galvanized bolts and two nuts per leg. First I used a 0.5" drill to drill a shaft 3" down in each leg and then used a 1" unibit to make the opening for the nut. I just pounded the nut in with a hammer until it was flush with the leg, and since the nut is slightly larger than 1" and the opening tapered, it fit snuggly without the need for epoxy to hold it in place.

Log #DateDescription Workshop Tools Time
0015 2013/03/05

I ended up buying a lot of tools. I strongly believe that you need the right tools for the job otherwise the build process could get more frustrating than it needs to be. You could probably do with less.


  • 10" Drill Press
  • 8" Bench Grinder
  • 9" Band saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Reversible air drill
  • Dremel Saw (for cutting skins)
  • Pneumatic rivet puller
  • Hand Riveter
  • 38" Bending Brake
  • Arbor Press
Log #DateDescription Workshop The Workshop Time
0013 2013/02/10

It took me a few months to turn my garage into a workshop. I had used the garage primarily as storage space so all this had to be moved to a self-storage unit down the street. I had contemplated setting up my workshop in the self-storage unit, because of the additional space and 11 foot ceiling, but the lack of available power meant that I would have to invest in a generator or tap into the emergency lighting. I read from a number of builder sites that the recommendation is to start the build in the garage, as you can spend 15 minutes here and there and still make progress. The garage was already dry-walled when we moved in, but not finished. I ended up painting the walls, ceilling and sealed and painted the concrete floor. It turned out reasonably well.