Stephan's Sonex #1627 Builder's Log

116.40 hours
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CategoryTotal Time (hrs)
Tail - Vertical Stabilizer29.55
Tail - Horizontal Stablizer17.80
Tail - Elevators20.65
Tail - Rudder13.90
Tail - Finishing0.00
Total Hours116.40

Welcome to my Sonex Construction Log. On this site I officially document my journey towards completing the construction of a Sonex all metal airplane (pictured right). I expect that it will take me approximately 4 years to build. My build started on April 27, 2013.


I only have the Sonex Tail Kit so far, so no serial number has been assigned to me yet. When I have completed approximately 80% of the Tail Kit, I will order the plans and get assigned an official Sonex serial number.


I have since bought the plans in order to get the serial number assigned. It's going to be Sonex #1627. The serial number is required by MD-RA for the Letter of Intent.


Stephan Edelman - Mississauga, ON Canada.

Last Updated 2013/07/12 08:57:19PM 
Log #DateDescription Tail - Elevators SNX-T02 Time
0042 2013/11/24

I decided to finish up the elevators this weekend. I updrilled all of the holes to final size and also cleaned up the overlap on the elevator root assembly. I had cut the elevator skins according to the size and angles required, but the control horn assembly that was provided by Sonex caused the skins to overlap by almost 5-7mm, with the overlap being more pronounced near the tips. I filed down the excess so that the elevator skins were flush with the edge of the root assembly ribs. 


All that remains now is to debur, polish and prime the ribs and to rivet the bottom portion of the elevator. The top portion will have to remain cleco-ed until the MD-RA inspection is complete.

Log #DateDescription Tail - Horizontal Stablizer SNX-T03 Time
0041 2013/10/30

I worked on polishing of the rear spar for the horizontal stabilizer and deburring of the spar channels. The rear spar had a lot of relatively deep cuts and stratches, presumably made while the spar was being fabricated. I used red Scotchbrite pads to smooth the surface and then used grey Scotchbrite pads to further polish it. I then cleaned with Paint Thinner and then sprayed with self-etching primer. I cleco-ed everything back together and riveted the whole rear spar assembly.

Log #DateDescription Tail - Horizontal Stablizer SNX-T03 Time
0040 2013/10/28

I worked on up-drilling the entire horizontal stabilizer and elevator assembly.