Stephan's Sonex #1627 Builder's Log

116.40 hours
Certificate 48 n p.png

This page details my progress towards obtaining my private pilot's license. As of this writing, I have approx. 35 hours dual in primarily a 2001 Cessna 172R (C-FVPV). My training is with Spectrum Airways operating at Burlington Airpark (CZBA). This is a uncontrolled airport with two paved runways, 09/27 and 14/32.


The bulk of my training so far has been with Glenn Barrett, an exceptionally skilled pilot. With over 1500 hours under his belt, he has now moved on to a new job as first officer for a charter company. I'm grateful to Glenn for guiding me through the unusual attitude training associated with Spirals and Spins recovery. I would likely not have allowed anyone else to teach me.


I typically record each lesson on camera so that I can review these afterwards so that I reduce the number of mistakes on the next lesson. Here's a short video of my Spin Recovery training.


January 21, 2013 - Spin recovery training with Glenn Barrett near the Rockton Aerodrome (CPT3). The plane is a Cessna 172R from Spectrum Airways. The audio is from a direct connect with the ICS, but for some reason only on one channel and a bit over-modulated causing noticeable clipping and distortion.


My new instructor is Reema Malhotra (not the cricket player). She is also a very skilled pilot and I find that her teaching approach works well for me. Here is a video of some take-offs and landings with (simulated) engine failures.


January 25, 2013 - A few take-offs and landings at the Burlington Airpark with instructor Reema Malhotra. The plane is a Cessna 172R (C-FVPV) from Spectrum Airways.
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